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Monday, 23 February 2015

How To Survive in Vienna for 'Newbies' part 1

by Arlavinda Rezqita
1) How to get from Vienna Airport to the city centre:
Arriving in Vienna International Airport (VIE)  with heavy luggages - even heavier than your body mass, big backpack - not only one, maybe two or three because your Mama tried to put too many supplies to make sure that you are well-fed in Austria. Well, we've been there, done that. At least, I have. Then for sure, you would like to take the convenient way to go from the airport to City Centre.

There are three options : (1) taxi, costs around 40 EUR, 20 minutes, (2) City Airport Train (CAT), costs 11 EUR, also 20 minutes, (3) S-bahn S7, costs 4.40 EUR, 45 minutes. I strongly recommend the last one :P

2) How to find a housing:
Finding a housing in Vienna is not easy, a lil bit time and energy consuming. You should do 'research' to find the one you want - the one which is convenient, strategically located, but affordable. The rent price in Vienna is calculated roughly from the apartment  area (10EUR /1 m2), considered 'cheap' among other capital cities in Europe. Website like willhaben.at, bazar.at, findmyhome.at, and wg-gesucht.de can help you. If you are student, you can contact housing.oead.at.

3) How not to get lost:
You don't have a disorientation problem? Good. You have a smartphone with GPS? Even better. But, maybe you can consider to install app Qando as well. Or you can also take a look on website anachb.at when you would like to get an idea which public transportation you should take. There you can check how to get from point A to B : which line you shoud take, the schedule, the station, and the duration as well. So, no more excuse for being late :P. For the ticket, you can check in winierlinien website.

U-bahn Wien

4) Three magic words in German:
It's ok to arrive in Vienna with A0 German level. However, at least I suggest you to memorize by heart these three magic words in German ; Danke- for Thank you, Entschuldigung for Sorry, and Bitte for Please, aaaand you are gonna be safe! Well, not really if you are hit by a bike on the way. Anyway, Vienna is quite international that most people can speak English. Not all, but at least they are willingly to try :P. Oh Jeah, one more : Gruß Gott - which is basically greeting. You can say it anytime and anywhere (I think so).

5) Where to find Indonesian Store:
Craving for Indonesian snacks or running out Indomie or Indofood seasoning? No stress. You can find them in an Indonesian store 'Toko Sederhana' in Stuwerstraße 27/A/L1, 1020. Just take U2 and get off at Messe Prater... and voila, heaven.

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