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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Let's Plant a Tree in a Unique Way

One might not appreciate the importance of a tree until he realizes the beauty of it.


We all know that the very well known living thing called ‘tree’ has great benefits both for the world and all that exist on this earth. But we do not need to mention the irresponsible actions that humans do to worsen the conditions of tress and forests.

You might say, “At least I’m not the one who does it or who cuts trees illegally.”

True. Well, at least, you are using things that are composed of tree substances—which involves (the cutting of) trees.

Here, you are not expected to make a campaign to stop illegal logging, or to suddenly stop buying products that are made of wood, or even telling sellers of wood products to stop creating things from wood. Simply, using your belongings wisely and effectively will already help conserve the environment. By understanding the importance of forests, we are hoped to be more aware of our own everyday actions.

Who doesn’t agree that trees are very vital in our lives? They absorb rain water and carbon dioxide, and produce oxygen. But the fact is, ‘actions speak louder than words’. Although humans are aware of the importance of conserving forests, their actions do not show their appreciation of them and the environment. Conservation is somehow forgotten.

Forests have mainly been used to produce materials for houses, papers, and tissues. Woods are extracted to produce papers for writing, printing, packaging and other uses. If we use 20 papers/day, we will use 600 papers/month, which means 7200 papers/year. A ream of paper is equivalent to a 5-year-old tree. For each ton of pulp requires 4.6 cubic meters of wood. One hectare of forest can produce approximately 160 cubic meters of wood. According to World Wide Fund (WWF), the use of a ream of paper has sacrificed two square meters of natural forest. 

Humans, animals, and plants need the functions of forests for their survival. Besides its role as water soil and oxygen source, forests also function to absorb carbon dioxide, which is needed by plants to complete the photosinthesis process. Not only that, its existence as part of the environment also functions to prevent floods and landslides. But deforestation has caused environmental damage. High paper production has devastated forests. High use of paper has led to high paper waste.

Indonesia has been facing many losses on forest lands in which many of them are caused by illegal logging. The effect of this are natural disasters like flood and erosion. The government has actually made laws controlling the illegal logging and forest fire, but perhaps, “laws are really made to be broken”. Another effect that we can feel in our daily lives is the changing weather which can be said as ‘extreme’.

The quality function of forests decreases. Forest lands are diminishing because they are used for the building of shopping malls, new living homes, and office buildings.  Another case about the damage of the forests area and the decreasing of forests function is the illegal logging, that still happens in Indonesian forests. This causes disturbance to the existence of living things.

Years ago, Indonesia used to be the world's top 3 largest forest. It was believed that 84% of Indonesian land is forest. Today, Indonesian forests are suffering severe damage. It has become the country with a high rate of forest destruction. Forests in Indonesia are reduced the width of 500 times the size of a football field, everyday-, according to Food and Agriculture Organizations (FAO). 

Some interesting facts about Trees that can make us appreciate them more!
-          Longest living organisms and one of the earth’s greates natural resources
-          Functions:
-       Keep the air supply clean
-       Reduce noise pollution
-       Improve water quality
-       Help prevent erosion
-       Provide food and building materials
-       Make the landscape look beautiful!
-        Their shade and wind can reduce annual heating
-        A single tree produces about 260 pounds of oxygen per year
-    Water from national forests can provide drinking water for over 3400 communities and about 60 million individuals
-        A single tree can absorb as much carbon as a car produces for driving for 26,000 miles
-       Forests cover one third of the earth surface and play a vital role in our lives
-    1.6 billion people depend on forests, to prevent climate change, release oxygen, and store carbon dioxide

Now, the question is, how can we conserve if there are more people today and there is an increase in consumption? Besides from our simple everyday actions that we could also educate to others, there is one way you can contribute in conserving the environment by planting a tree in Indonesia. 


http://greenleafindonesia.co.id/  This is by far what we have found in Indonesia. Simply, one chooses the number of trees on a certain amount of area and pays for that category and the company will do all the job. It is quite unique way of investing as well as conserving the environment, and moreover, you help upgrade the farmers' lives.


Maybe you are inspired to be involved or you are inspired to do such business yourself in the future :)

(Note: This is purely for an editorial content.)

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