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Sunday, 11 October 2015

A Day in Linz

by Rafika Nurulhuda

Hey PPIers!

Are you wondering what to plan for your next traveling destination?

If you haven’t yet already, it is recommended that you visit Linz for a few hours and then continue your trip to Salzburg to stay a night there and then adding Innsbruck to your travel list to stay another night there. Voila! You are almost halfway to exploring the whole Austria!

Autumn may not be as bright and warm as summer but when the sun does shine, Linz offers you the beautiful turquoise Danube and a heart-gripping view from above the Pöstlingberg  and in just a few hours, you are able to put that big check mark on your list of the main sites in Linz.

So the city, the old city, and the main sites are close to one another and are just 10 to 15 minutes walk from the main train station. Once you pass a small park, you will already enter the city. From there, you can try the public transportation or simply walk :)

What I did was simply follow the path in the city which led me to the old city and the city centre. It is very simple and no worries of getting a little bit lost, because you can always check Google Map or any other map apps in your smartphone by using the free wifi provided in the city area.

So what arre the main sites that I visited in Linz in just a few hours?

If you keep walking, you will be at Linzer Landstrasse, and on the left area, you will see Mariendom or what they called the Neuer Dom

From there, you continue following the path and in a few minutes also on the left side of the road, you will see a somewhat steep road to Schlossmuseum Linz.

After that, you keep following the previous street and then you will enter the Altstadt or Old City. Not far from the old city, you will come to the city centre of Linz or Hauptplatz

In Hauptplatz, there is a tram station where you can buy a ticket for Erlebniswelt Pöstlingberg. The ticket costs EUR 6 (includes the return ticket) and the journey takes around 20 to 30 minutes.

The tram is an old wagon uniquely designed so everyone can differentiate it from the others. Hop in, enjoy the view, and it might be a little scary at first going up the hill, it reminds me of getting on a rollercoaster, but it is worth the visit.

You will definitely love the beautiful view of Linz from above.

After going back down, I got off at a station right before the station at the city centre to see the museum Ars Electronica. So, if you plan to stay a few hours longer in Linz or stay a night, this museum is a famous museum that you should visit (do not forget to check the latest train if you do not plan to stay in Linz).

From there, I continued my journey back by crossing the bridge and all the way back to the centre and train station—but wait! You must try the famous Linzer Torte before you leave, which you will pass by in any cake stores.

Make sure you enjoy your visit, keep your tummy happy, and leave Linz with a smile!
Have a fun trip!

More information on the tickets to the public transportation, fun facts of Linz, and other sites: http://www.linz.at/english/tourism/1007.asp

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