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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Puisi dan Postcards untuk Hari Pendidikan

Hey beloved friends!

To remember and celebrate National Education Day (May 2), PPIA team has sent some postcards from Austria to some primary schools in Halmehera Selatan, Maluku Utara. We hope the postcards are really on their way and will arrive to the schools, safe and sound :)

This is what we write on the postcard/s, in hope to inspire the students, and the poem should inspire you too :) Happy reading! Have a nice day! :)

 Kamu berhak belajar.
Tentang dunia.
Dan segala keindahannya.

Kamu berhak berkembang.

Kamu berhak menyaksikan.
Luasnya samudera yang gersang.
Putihnya awan yang melayang.

Dan kamu berhak mencicipi.
Derasnya salju.
Es yang kaku.

Kamu berhak merasakan.
Indahnya belajar.

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